Finding Antique Furniture at a Good Price

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Antique furniture from MaxSold Online auction

Most people hold onto valuable things, like antique furniture. When craftsmanship has been replaced by poorly manufactured goods, you want to hold onto unique treasures. There are a few different types of markets to find amazing antiques at affordable prices.

Why Should You Buy Antiques From Online Auctions?

Antique dealers look to get a premium, regardless of appraisal. Generally, antique stores have to pay to get product, employ people, and make commercial rents. Therefore, the buyer is subjected to getting price gouged. So how can you avoid the high extra costs,  and actually get joy out of finding fabulous antiques? The best way to find antiques affordably without going thrift store to thrift store is to stay local and bid on antique furniture online.

MaxSold auction vintage item

An antique wooden cupboard item in MaxSold’s online auction

I’ve used many online auction platforms, but Maxsold seems to have the most frequent and best quality auctions. There is always plenty of information on location and pickup times. I’ve made dozens of purchases.
Atlanta BA MaxSold’s Buyer
I have found affordable, quality decor items in MaxSold auctions over the past few years. It’s so easy – from online viewing, making a bid and friendly pick up experiences – MaxSold is a safe and fun way to treasure hunt!
Judy-Marie W.A MaxSold’s Buyer

The Best Place To Find Antique Furniture Near You

At MaxSold, we look to give the one of the best deals so that both seller and buyer are happy.

With MaxSold, you can simply browse all of our local auctions in your area and place multiple bids on items that you like. Our auctions run for 5-10 days and the pick-up is simple and easy, allowing you to pay what you want, and retrieve items with ease.

At MaxSold all of our auction items start at $1 (Yes, Everything!) so you can bid on items comfortably and not have to worry about overpaying for something you want.

Learn about 5 Tips For Bidding on Online Auctions

Organized, efficient, timely. Always impressed with Maxsold auctions!”

Angela K.

Find Antique Furniture, Vintage, Collectibles In Your Local Area
Everything Starts At $1. Hunt Your Next Hidden Gems
Start Hunting

In our auctions a potential buyer can not only bid on everyday items, but there are also the antique, unique and vintage treasures that were meant to last generations. 

Antiques found in MaxSold auctions arrive for a variety of reasons, including downsizing sales and moving. You may find a mid-century dresser for sale through an estate, a vintage vanity for sale from a downsize, and even a vintage school desk for sale that was crowding someone’s garage.

Take a look at the Mid-century Modern Furniture

An antique and rare telephone from a MaxSold’s online auction

Tips for Finding on Antique Furniture at a Good Price

  1. Avoid fancy antique furniture stores, particularly in high-end neighborhoods where rent is high
  2. Bid locally, where your competitors are in an equal playing field
  3. Avoid shipping costs and expensive service charges

In Summary

Let’s check out what our buyers are bidding on MaxSold!

Finding local purchases eliminates shipping and delivery costs. Especially with rare antiques, whether furniture or artwork, packaging alone can cost as much as you paid for the piece. That’s before shipping costs. Larger items will have to be delivered freight, which is a further complication.

We limit our auctions to 30-180 miles so that you can pick up your item and handle with as much care as you want. There is no service charge to you to register to bid on MaxSold.

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