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Holiday Dining Table

It’s that time of year again, and if you’re celebrating the winter holidays, you want your home to look lovely. That’s especially true if you’re hosting family and friends for dinner or throwing a party. But time is short — maybe your budget is tight, or your dining room isn’t going to work as it is. What to do? Visit a thrift shop online!

If you prefer to shop locally, know that nearly every town or city has a thrift store — or dozens. Why not combine the best of both thrifting options? This way, you’ll find previously-loved items that make your holiday decor perfect.

Large, Small, or No Dining Room: Make a Plan

Creating a gorgeous holiday design scheme depends on what you already have and how many guests you’re inviting. To start, make a checklist.

  • How many guests? Count adults and children.
  • Space: Do you need more? What are the options?
  • Seating: Will everyone sit around a table, or do you need to get creative?
  • Where will guests relax before and after dinner?
  • Decide on a decorating theme and color palette.

As you brainstorm ideas, think color. Red, green, black, and blue tones are traditional for the winter holidays, whether celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah. But, no rule says specific colors are your only holiday options.

Pink, for example, makes red stand out. A touch of purple or lavender does the same for blue, and gold or silver works with any color as a sparkly, festive accent. How about cerulean blue with hints of silver and green?

For the base color in the dining room, white is an excellent choice because you can pair it with any color combination year-round. You’ll find plenty of it whether you thrift shop online or visit a local thrift store.

Extending Space or Adding Additional Seating

Whether your dining room is large or small — or you have an eat-in kitchen —  you might need more seating. Where do you have a little extra space? Think kitchen, great room/living room, breakfast nook, foyer or entryway, or even a covered back porch or mudroom. Do you have a large or walk-in pantry or closet? Slip a small table partly inside, and let guests sit around the exterior edges.

Whether you thrift shop online or visit a local thrift store, you’ll find fabulous solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Tables: If your guest list includes kids, consider a separate child-sized table. You can look for a folding table that seats four or six. Or, you might find a charming vintage or antique wood table or a small bench-style affair — with the bench attached. Standard tables, including vintage and antiques, are often available in a thrift store at great prices. 

No time to touch up the finish or paint? No worries. Look for a colorful tablecloth or a fuzzy white blanket that looks like snow. Cut it to size, toss it over the table, and voila! If it gets stained, no big loss. You can wash it and use the material for a pet bed or kids’ crafts.

Chairs: Online thrift shops and larger thrift stores sell all kinds of furniture. You can find cute vintage or wood folding chairs plus stools and small ottomans that can work as chairs or small tables. 

How about oversized floor cushions for young people or friends who love all things casual? And, don’t forget bedroom benches that can easily seat two or three adults.

Recreate the Look!

Dining Room

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Thrift Shop Online for Dining Room Essentials

If you thrift shop online, choose your category, location, and the miles you’re willing to travel for pick-up. Then use your preferred color with the item you’re searching for, such as “white dishes.” You’ll find dinner and salad plates, of course, but you might be pleasantly surprised with “hand-painted wine glasses.”

For your table(s): You might need napkins and a tablecloth. What about gold or silver napkin holders? Brass is beautiful and works well with any design theme.

Next, don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you already have six sets of white dishes or napkins, for example, why not alternate with six blue or holiday-themed dishes to serve twelve? 

Thrift stores also offer plenty of serving plates and bowls, flatware, and the special utensils you’ll need. You might even find sterling silver pieces at a great price. Think silver means too much effort to clean? Think again. 

Finally, don’t forget unique appetizer plates, trays for hors d’oeuvres, and utensils. You can also find glassware, including one-of-a-kind wine or martini glasses, and you might come across a distinctive salad bowl or other food jars. Have you considered using Mason jars for cookies and treats? You might love the look!

Find Accents and Decorations at a Thrift Store 

Thrift stores often overflow with holiday decorations. To help in your search, keep your color scheme in mind and look for items you can use as a dining room table centerpiece. For example, did you find an artificial Christmas tree? Use individual branches secured in vases or weighted plant pots (sand or rocks are perfect for adding weight), and wrap them in colorful fabric. 

Vintage and antique items are excellent choices for holiday accents. A candelabra, a few candlestick holders, or a white enamelware bowl filled with ornaments and curled ribbon can act as attractive centerpieces.

You could even use a long, white scarf as a runner and line it with a few small vases containing evergreens (real or not), tiny Christmas trees, stars, or other fanciful items. Or, place antique teacups on the runner or at each place setting, fill them with chocolates and sparkly ribbon, and let guests have them as party favors.

Other items you’ll find at a thrift store include placemats, area rugs, wine display racks, and even buffet tables, servers, and sideboards.

There are no limits to what you’ll find at great prices when you thrift shop online or at a thrift store. And, you can be sure to find everything you need for a fabulous holiday dinner.

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