Sustainable Savings: Why Shopping at Thrift Stores is Good for You (and the Planet)

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In case you missed it: thrift shopping for second-hand items is trendy. The global market for second-hand furniture was already at $26 billion in 2017. But AP News anticipates that the market will reach as much as $41 billion by the end of 2025. The report states that people browse through offline and online thrift stores for second-hand furniture like beds, drawers, kitchen furniture, and the fan-favorite: living room furniture. Through numerous platforms, consumers can own these high-quality furniture pieces at a lower cost. On top of the amazing cost-saving benefits, individuals can also enjoy the following advantages of buying used items:

The Benefits of Thrift Shopping

Score High Quality Finds for Lower Prices

Whether you’re on a student budget or trying to minimize your debt, you can get quality goods without the hefty price tag from second hand or online thrift stores. A Marcus feature on creative budgeting strategies highlights how Julia Park Tracey, whose finances were tight, was able to save money and eliminate debt by thrifting for her family’s needs. If she didn’t make it herself, she scouted for essential items in second-hand stores. She is one of many consumers who recognize that there is still a lot of value in goods, from clothing to furniture, that have already been owned and used previously — and they are certainly good enough for any family to depend on! Just like these consumers, you can save money by purchasing your goods from sellers of second-hand items.

Thrifted Furniture

Thrift Shopping Can Help to Reduce Pollution

Giving old items a new home, helps to eliminate waste build-up and save the environment! Due to a phenomenon called fast furniture, Americans are throwing out over 12 million tons of furniture every year. Tons of people are tossing out their old furniture pieces, so that they can purchase items that are in line with the trendiest home designs. But since trends come and go, these pieces get replaced periodically and end up in landfills. Instead of letting these items go to waste, join many others in purchasing pre-loved items for your wardrobe or your home. With a bit of creativity, you can repurpose old furniture and align them with your own design preferences.

This Sustainable Practice Can Lower Carbon Emissions

ThredUp estimated that if every American purchased a used item instead of a new one, the reduction in carbon emissions will be similar to taking 500,000 cars off the roads for a year. Consumers like you can greatly reduce the carbon emissions released during the production of goods if you buy more used items. Lower the demand for newly produced goods by opting for pre-loved ones.

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Tips on Scoring the Best Second-Hand Items

Purchase Thrifted Items That Fit Your Style

Many items get thrown away because of fast-paced trends. So instead of following these furniture trends, prioritize your own style and purchase items that are suitable to your preferences. For instance, try to assess if the furniture pieces match with the color scheme or the theme of your items at home.

Be Creative in Repurposing Old Items

Some items may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into a gem! You can alter thrifted bed sheets into trendier pieces by embellishing them, while old sofas can be reupholstered with prettier textiles. You can also get a good use out of second hand electronics if you know where to look! Think of creative solutions to repurpose second-hand goods, and it might just become the best conversational piece for your home.

Outdoor wicker set Sold on MaxSold

Widen Your Search for Good Finds

There are lots of existing venues and platforms that are filled to the brim with unique items, so you really need to widen your search for the greatest deals! You can walk into local garage sales and visit consignment stores to bargain for goods. For great online listings, try your luck in the Facebook marketplace or eBay.

But if you want to get the best bang for your buck, our article on ‘5 tips for Bidding on Online Auctions points out that you can get good bargains from homeowners selling their pre-loved items through online auctions of estate sales. Most homeowners sell the majority of their belongings through estate sales, so you can score valuable items like gold, silver, and even vehicles for a lower price. The best part is that you can name your own price when joining the auction process of estate sales, so you can really get a great markdown for your purchases!

Buying second hand items

If you want to purchase unique finds at your own rate, check out Maxsold’s list of online auctions. By opting to buy pre-owned items for your home, you can save tons of money and help the planet as well!

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