Fantastic ideas to quickly clean your antiques this summer

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Clean antique wooden chest

You love your antiques. They have sentimental value and can bring back fond memories of the good ole days. To help you clean your antiques, there are certain steps you may wish to take, but first, let’s answer a big question.

Why should you clean your antiques?

Well, there are several reasons you should clean your antiques. We will look at the reasons to clean these beautiful pieces of history and how to actually make them sparkle.

You may wish to clean your antiques because…

Cleaning your antiques prevents them from losing their charm and being damaged. It also stops them from collecting dust particles, bacteria, and oils from the skin, which may erode their shine.

Interesting Fact: Before you clean your antiques, you’ll have to research the various types of cleaners that won’t corrode them. Using the wrong spray or solvent may damage your antique’s surface, so it’s a good idea to do some much-needed investigating.

Since you’re aware of why cleaning your antiques is a good idea, let’s take a look at the items you will need before you start cleaning.

Here is a list of nice to have cleaning items:
  1. Toothbrush
  2. Cloth
  3. Wax
  4. Soap
  5. Water
  6. bucket
  7. detergent
  8. Vinegar
  9. Lemon Juice
  10. Baking Soda

With your items by your side, you’re ready to start cleaning. Let’s take a look at how to clean various types of antique items.

How to clean your antique wooden furniture

Antique wooden dresser

When cleaning antique wood furniture, use a toothbrush to scrub away dust from hard-to-reach places. After you have scrubbed away the dust, you can use some furniture wax and a gentle cloth to clean the wood.

How to clean your sheets & bedding

Antique bedding with clean sheets

Cleaning your antique pillows and quilts should be done with soap and water. Using a washer and dryer may break the fabrics apart. You will have to delicately handwash the fabrics in cold water.

How to clean Porcelain

Antique porcelin

Clean antique porcelain is a breeze. All you will need is a damp cloth and some good detergent, preferably cleaning products, such as Tide Liquid detergent, Arm and Hammer, and Attitude laundry. You will then need to gently wipe the porcelain items.

How to clean brass antiques

Antique brass keys

You may wish to clean your brass metal maybe three to four times a year. You should use a soft damp cloth with soap and water and rub the brass thoroughly.

Other Fantastic Cleaning tips

Here are some superb fantastic antique cleaning tips:

  • Call a Professional: Hiring a cleaning professional to fully clean your antique will save you the headache of doing it yourself. A professional cleaner can ensure that your antiques will be safe and secure during the cleaning process.
  • Watch YouTube: There are plenty of wonderful do-it-yourself- antique cleaning videos on YouTube that will help you make your antiques look incredible.
  • Read a book: Both Amazon and Audible have fantastic books on how to clean your antiques and restore their look. You will find extraordinary titles, such as Sotheby’s Caring for Antiques, a Guide to Cleaning, Display and Restoration by Michael Simpson, and Mette Tang.
Antique wooden dresser

You now know many good tips for cleaning your antiquities. If you want to purchase some more gorgeous pieces of history for your antique collection, check out the rest of the MaxSold website.

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