“How Much is Silverware Worth?” Real life vs. Appraisals

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"How Much is Silverware Worth?"

The quick answer for figuring out how much is silverware worth is it depends on two aspects:

  1. What kind of silverware do you have?
  2. How long do you have to sell it?

However, the real answer is more complicated. How much silverware is worth can vary widely. Moreover, an appraisal still needs a buyer. It’s also important to consider what your valuables are worth and what you will take away. Appraisers and selling fees can be high. So, it may be best to find an alternative unless your items are worthy of Christie’s. 

Real-life vs. Appraisals

You have to move, downsize, or just want to clear away the old for new things that are more practical for your life. Or, you want to get a great value on items you want to bring into your home. But what is value? An online auction with MaxSold makes it easy to make change happen for real-world prices, not lofty appraisals. 

If you have all the time in the world, you can go through the legwork or expensive appraisers and still not find a buyer. An antique purveyor also depends on foot traffic or a network of people (which may only work for you in major cities with top sellers). In a nutshell, the simple fact is that the larger the market, the better your chances of selling. 

With MaxSold, your Towle sterling or Gorham silverware can still earn top-dollar. There are numerous antique hunters online actively looking for that quadruple plate silver to bid on. We have an extensive network that is well marketed to. It’s better than foot traffic.

Set of silverware dinning set from past auction

Check Previous Auctions for Real-World Results

If you aren’t sure what items are worth but want to have an idea of the real-world value, MaxSold can help. See how much money you can put in your pocket. Figure out what your maximum bid should be for a great deal. Visit our site. QuickWorth Finder shows you the real-life wins on items you may have or want to bid on. See what other people are paying for similar items. 

Unlike other auction houses, MaxSold has lower fees and doesn’t demand huge auction lots. Therefore, if you are tired of that old, tarnished silverware that never gets used, consider selling it. You have no idea the value dusty old pieces can have. Put old dishes for sale. The market rewarded one seller over $2200 selling price on a 90-piece set of International Sterling. If you’ve priced antique silverware before, you’ll understand just how expensive it can be. But generally, it’s hard to sell. When you have something valuable, like a Ming vase or rare work of art, it is best to have the item apprised. Even then, these expensive, world-class items have to be submitted to the marketplace. The costs to setup these world-class auctions are astronomical. 

Well-marketed, our competitive bidding means you get the best value whether you are selling or buying. Wins are wins all around. 

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