How to Take Care of Porcelain Figures

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Whether you have a collection of rare Lladrós and Hummels or another assortment of porcelain figures you found on MaxSold, keep your collection beautiful for years to come. Since porcelain figurines are so fragile, they need delicate care and protection. Luckily, there are simple steps to keep your pieces clean and pristine.

Where to Display Porcelain Figures

It might be tempting to place your porcelain figurines on a coffee table or bookshelf, but these pieces will be safest in a china cabinet. Inside a glass cabinet, they will be kept safe from roughhousing children, pets, and everyday bumps.

When deciding where to place your china cabinet, make sure it is in an area out of direct sunlight. Over time, direct sunlight will cause coloring and design details to fade on most items, including figurines.

Even out of direct sunlight, glass display cabinets retain heat which can damage collectibles. Open the doors of your china hutch once a month to let the heat escape.

A collection of figurines from a MaxSold auction

How to Clean Porcelain Figures


If you keep your figurines in a display cabinet, you will only will only have to dust them once a month. Outside a cabinet, they will need dusting once a week. The less often figurines need dusting, the less likely you are to accidentally chip or break collectible s. Dust your figures often enough so that dust does not build up on them, causing a need for a more extensive cleaning.

  1. Take extra care when dusting valuable figurines. Holding a porcelain object while standing can result in shattered pieces on the floor. Sit at a table during the dusting process.

  2. Place the figurine on a soft towel so it doesn’t shatter if it falls over.

  3. Use a soft bristle paint brush to gently remove dust from nooks and crannies. Do not use a towel to dust the figurine. It can get snagged on delicate details, causing breakage. Or use a hair dryer or can of compressed air to blow the dust away.

Deep Cleaning

When you get a new piece or a stain starts to form on one of your cherished collectibles, it’s time for a deep cleaning.

  1. Create a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Never use cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach, or other abrasive materials. These will damage the porcelain.

  2. Place the collectible  on a soft towel so it will not break if you accidentally knock it over.

  3. Dip a soft, lint free microfiber cloth into the solution. Gently dab stains and other dirty areas until the figurine is clean.

  4. Use a second microfiber cloth damp with clean water to dab away any remaining soap.

  5. Dab the statue dry with a paper towel until it is completely dry and place it back in the china hutch.

Pro tip: Never immerse a porcelain figure in water. Water will enter the hollow figure through the tiny hole in the base. Mold will form inside the figurine and severely damage it.


How to Pack Porcelain Figures

If you are moving or sending porcelain figurines, pack them in bubble wrap. Do not use bubble wrap for long term storage because this packing material retains heat. Immediately unwrap the pieces once they arrive at their destination.

How to Store Porcelain Figures

For long term storage, wrap figurines in acid free storage papers. Use cotton balls or a white cotton cloth without any inks or dyes for padding. Dyes can bleed onto figurines, destroying the collectible.

For more tips on how to care and store other precious items read more at, Understanding Antique and Vintage Items

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