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Lladro figurine from MaxSold auction

Lladró is likely best internationally known for their charming Lladró collectible porcelain figurines. However, the figurines are only one Lladró collection. The hugely popular Spanish line’s porcelain is valued worldwide, not only for the whimsy they lighten a room with but also for their quality home pieces. 

The Various Lines in the Lladró Collection

You can be lucky enough to identify and find amazing Lladró treasures at auction. Knowing the breadth of the vast, exquisite world of Lladró can help you hone in on the elegance and value. Per the Lladró website, in addition to their figurines, their porcelain mastery has also expanded into gifts, home décor, lighting, and ambient scent diffusion. 

Lladró Sculptures and Figurines

These handcrafted porcelain designs embody a liveliness, regardless of the subject, that is both evocative and elegant. Known for soft, luminous colors, Lladró design is focused on expression. They pride themselves on the technical mastery of the finest craftsmen. Their popularity has created many adoring Lladró collectors

Their designs are inspired by the moods and things that make people feel deeply and identify with their beloved collectibles—from dog breeds to religious icons from around the globe. While the highest price is in the $60-$100,000 range, new pieces retail on the Lladró site can be as affordable as around $100.

Lladró Lamps

A newer Lladró collection is in Lladró lighting, candles, and scent diffusers. Each are designed in their signature porcelain to add style and beauty to function. Porcelain has a natural translucence level that allows for a soft glow that is as artistic as it is functional. Some of the most technologically advanced Lladró lighting collection are wireless, working as stunning, plug-free centerpieces. 

While a newer line, they are sure to be a welcomed addition to any collector. 

Lladró Home Accessories and Décor

In addition to the traditional collectible porcelain figurines, technologically elegant lighting, sensory-indulging candles, and diffusers Lladró also does other home accessories. This primarily includes table art, like delicate floral-themed porcelain bowls, and vases. 

In addition to the major Lladró collections, there are also numerous Lladró corporate gifts, wedding collectibles, birthday figurines, and other stunning ways of making memorable moments commemorative collectibles.

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