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Mosser glass is a retro glass that is a favorite among collectors. Since its start, Mosser has applied the finest glass making processes to a signature style combining new designs with classic motifs. In addition to new pieces, Mosser was able to restyle tradition by acquiring designs from Viking, L.G. Wright, and Cambridge. Family owned, the Mosser Glassware company has a small, highly-talented group dedicated to top-quality glassware.

They specialize in molded glassware that is annealed (slowly cooled) for stronger finishes. Mosser is well-regarded for quality. Designs are often reminiscent of American family tables and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. 

Due to their quality and the uniqueness of style, new Mosser glass appears in top-of-the-line stores like Sur de Table and Crate and Barrel. 

Mosser Glassware is A Legacy of Handmade Artisanship

While still in business, their handmade glassware got its start and some of its renowned for its 1970s start. However, its legacy of craftsmanship goes further back to the height of glassware production. Mosser glass came out of a passion for quality, artisan glass craft when Tom Mosser started working at the Cambridge Glass Company, which was founded in 1873. He applied the techniques and craftsmanship independently, even working out of hen coops until he could start Mosser Glass in 1971.

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