Ten Places to Buy Antiques in Atlanta

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There are antique stores in nearly every big city, but residents of Atlanta have dibs on some of the best. Drive through the “big peach” and into surrounding communities like Chamblee, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and Buford and you’ll see highly rated antique malls full of vintage items, repro furniture, outdoor decor, holiday décor, art deco lighting, and collectibles of all kinds.

In-person Thrift Stores

Strolling through antique shops over the weekend or any day is a joy. Discovering a mid-century chair, Hummel figurine, or a retro Tupperware canister that perfectly matches your existing set can make a day go from good to great. Stories abound of people finding treasures in a random pile of stuff. Could those paintings in the corner be worth much more than their sticker prices? Or maybe that chair is a true Eames? Shopping the Atlanta antique market allows you to lean into the hunt and bask in the thrill of a good find. You also get the chance to negotiate with the vendors (bargain prices on used goods can make you feel like a professional curator).

Shopping in-person does have some drawbacks. If you have allergies to dust, for example, a thrift store might set off an attack. You’ll have to fight traffic and navigate overcrowded sidewalks, and there’s no good way to filter out the things you aren’t interested in.

Online Platforms

If you have a certain piece of furniture or glassware in mind, you might find it faster and easier online. Another advantage is the ability to filter your searches. Say you’re looking for vintage clothing, dolls, or rugs — just narrow down by size, color, condition, and price. And unlike brick and mortar shops, you can shop at all hours.

Where to Shop in Atlanta

So you’re on board with both types of experiences — where in Atlanta should you go? We’ve put together a list of ten places to start. Each one has great reviews and an inventory of treasures.

Scott Antique Markets

The Scott Antique Markets was founded by Don Scott, who has been traveling with his family to sell antiques at various shows for nearly two decades. With four generations of now Scotts working the market, it is stronger than ever. Held monthly at Atlanta Expo Center, a show schedule is available on their website.

Broad Street Antique Mall

Among the many vintage shops in the suburb of Chamblee, you’ll find the Broad Street Antique Mall. With 20,000 square feet and over 200 showcases, it’s a bargain lover’s dream. If you can’t carry it home, they will ship it. As with most Chamblee stores, it’s closed on Sunday.

Queen of Hearts

Located in the town of Buford is the Queen of Hearts, a paradise for anyone looking for eclectic and creative home furnishings. In addition to antiques, they sell hand-crafted wares and upcycled furniture. They also offer classes in painting, upholstery, and other crafts.


You don’t have to drive to a store to score a deal or a good find — online platforms like MaxSold are changing the antique game with online estate sales. Unlike shops, they offer the excitement of finding a piece that’s been out of circulation for years. You can also land on collections lovingly built over time. With MaxSold’s search feature, you can browse estate sales in the Atlanta area or elsewhere and get a chance to look at the items before you buy.

Highland Row

Are you looking for a mid-century flair or something more contemporary than old? Stop by Highland Row. Located in the heart of Atlanta, this shop is easy to miss. You might think it’s just a small space, but once you go upstairs (or down), there are 9000 square feet of inventory in each basement room.


With ShopGoodwill.com, you can search by color, material, or just browse their categories. They have a variety of styles and prices, including vintage clothing and accessories from designers like Dior and Chanel. Use their advanced search feature to narrow the results to Atlanta stores.

The Board of Trade

In the Atlanta suburb of Roswell is The Board of Trade, a consignment shop known for its expertly curated inventory. Boasting a few “Best of Atlanta” awards, this shop is loaded with home decor, silver, crystal, vintage clothing, and furniture.

Mercari Local

Similar to the Facebook marketplace platform, Mercari is a simple-to-use service that connects buyers and sellers. Use the “local” feature to search in Atlanta to have your purchases professionally delivered to your house, or expand your search to the entire country for shipping.

Antique Factory

Another Chamblee gem is the Antique Factory. This 8000-square foot store offers Art Deco-era pieces and mid-century decor and furniture. Since they also run estate sales, their inventory is always being refreshed. Their curators seem to know their stuff!

City Antiques

Open seven days a week is City Antiques, a wide-open shopping space in the town of Roswell. Founded in 2010, the company offers 27500 square feet of showroom space for consignors and dealers. You’ll find furniture, lighting, books, and “timeless pieces re-cycled, re-purposed, and re-loved.”

Find Thrifted Vintage and Antique Treasures Near You

Whether you’re looking for fine art, a vintage Coca-Cola sign, jewelry, or home furnishings, downtown Atlanta and its suburbs provide ample shopping in both the physical and digital world. Register for MaxSold and start browsing for collectibles and vintage goods of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Have questions? Post them in the comments below!

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