Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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Your big day is fast approaching. Between the cake tastings, dress fittings, and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding, it’s time to start thinking about table centerpieces. Centerpieces should have charm and fit your wedding’s theme. With DIY wedding centerpieces, you make sure your special day is perfect while still having money left over for the honeymoon.

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Ideas for Your DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Candles Galore

Keep the party going long into the night with romantic candle light. Add candlestick holders of different heights to add variation. White candles with brass holders are a timeless combination. But don’t be afraid to experiment with brightly colored candle sticks.

Vintage Tea Tins or Teapots

Use unique tea tins or silver teapots as flower vases to add a spot of charm to each table. Place doilies under them to make an authentic tea party.


Create a modern twist on classic stemware with this centerpiece. Turn wine glasses upside down. Place a colorful rose inside of each wineglass bowl, so it acts like a bell jar. Place short candles on top of each glass foot.

Mason Jars

Mason jars open a wide range of possibilities when it comes to centerpieces. Fill mason jars with water and place orchids, pine tree sprigs, or rose petals inside. Other options include filling mason jars with colored sand, candles, or fairy lights. Bring your mason jars to the next level of elegance by tying ribbons around the rims.  

Vintage Books

Turn each table into a little library. From their musty smell to their withered pages, vintage books are perfect for the bookish couple. Stack the books in mismatched piles and add a few candles to give that old library feeling.

Succulents or Planted Flowers

Planted flowers or succulents make lively centerpieces. Buy little buckets, pots, or planters for each set of plants. You can even decorate the pots to highlight your and your partner’s interests.

Depression Glass and Vintage Vases

Vintage vases and depression glass are a charming way to look at the past while feeling hopeful for the future. Arrange colorful wildflowers inside each of the vases. Or choose contrasting colors between the vases and flowers to make the centerpieces pop.

Pink Depression Glass Folded Bowl
Pink Depression Glass Folded Bowl
Handmade Glass Vase

Fine China Vase Centerpieces

Blue and white china adds timeless charm to your wedding. Think Spode or Wedgewood, but a affordable alternative. Add lush white flowers like garden roses, peonies, or hydrangeas to the vases.

Board Games

Bring a sense of charming fun to your special day with vintage board games. Lay out game boards and place flower vases or candles on top. Use scrabble tiles to spell out messages of love.

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These gorgeous handmade centerpieces can also become fantastic party favors once the reception is over!

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