Buying Used Furniture for Coffee Shops and Cafes

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Whether you’re the new place on the block or are refurbishing your coffee shop or café,  buying used furniture from MaxSold’s furniture auction site gives your shop a unique sense of style. Mismatched tables and chairs create a sense of coziness while uniform furniture shows off undeniable class.

From the college students studying for finals to the novelist tapping away at their laptop, find affordable furniture that will fit your customers’ needs and make your business the “it” place in town.

Consider Your Shop’s Atmosphere and Audience

Shabby Chic

Mismatched chairs and tables give coffee shops and cafes a shabby chic atmosphere. Slightly worn furniture gives your shop a sense of history while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Mixing modern and vintage pieces of furniture creates a trendy vibe that will get your customers talking and differentiate your shop from other places in town.

Uniform Furniture

Business professionals are always on the run. When they’re waiting for their order, they want to be surrounded by a sense of class. That means uniform tables and chairs.

If you want your shop to appeal to business professionals, you can find uniform furniture in MaxSold’s business downsizing auctions.

Furniture to Add to Your Coffee Shop or Café

Coffee Shop Theme: Vintage


You might be able to find small and large appliances at a discounted price.

Teapots, Teacups and Mugs

Make every visit truly unique with an assortment of mugs, teacups, and teapots.


Don’t be afraid of using tables of different shapes and sizes! You want to be able to accompany every customer’s needs, from professionals having business conversations to large study groups.


Mismatched chairs make every sitting spot as unique as your customers. Couches let customers relax while waiting for coffee or curling up with a good book. Or, you could place some benches outside for customers who want to enjoy the sunshine. You can also prop benches against the wall at tables to save space.

Artwork and Other Memorabilia

What you hang on the walls and ceiling helps define your atmosphere. Some cafes and coffee houses feature the work of local artists. Otherwise, you can add artwork that matches your shop’s sense of style. Landscapes add a sense of timeless class while modern art is unique and thought provoking.

Add some musical instruments on the walls and add a stage if you want to attract a musical crowd. Hang Christmas lights or lanterns from the ceiling to create a sense of whimsy.

Books and Board Games

Give your customers something to do other than scroll through Facebook while they wait for their food and coffee. Fill a bookshelf with books of different genres so there’s something for everyone. A few board games will attract groups of friends.

With MaxSold, you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and find all your furniture needs from the comfort of your laptop.

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