Glassware Ideas For Wedding Ceremonies

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Wedding glassware

Your big day is fast approaching. Between the cake tastings, dress fittings, and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding, it’s time to start thinking about glassware for your ceremony day.

How many pieces of glassware and the type of glassware you need will depend on the size of your wedding reception and what types of drinks you plan to serve.

With MaxSold, buying glassware for your wedding can be less expensive than renting. Survey estate sales near you and find all the glassware you need to make your special day even more magical.

Advantages to Buying Second Hand Glassware for Weddings

  • Buying second hand glassware from MaxSold is an inexpensive way to get the glasses you need for your wedding.
  • Keep the glasses after the wedding reception for dinner parties and family get togethers.
  • Choose any type of glasses for the wedding, including mixing and matching different brands for a quirky atmosphere.
  • You don’t have to pay a rental agency for any broken glasses.

When you should consider renting glassware for weddings

As a matter of fact, storing hundreds of glasses after your wedding is not ideal. If you are having a wedding with fifty guests or more, you may want to consider renting glasses.

Tips for Figuring Out How Many Types of Glass You Need

  • Find out what kind of drinks each guest prefers. Having an estimate of how many drinks and what kind of drinks your guests will have will help determine how many of each glass you need.
  • Have an average of one alcoholic beverage allocated to each person per hour of the reception.
  • If you have servers at your reception, they can clean glasses once your guests finish their drinks. This way, you don’t have to worry about running out of glasses.
Looking For Glassware Near You
Find And Bid On Glassware Collection From Your Local Online Auctions

Types of Wedding Glassware

Water Glasses

Whether your guests will only be sticking to soda and water or if they will be enjoying alcoholic beverages, keep your guests hydrated. Every guest will need at least one water glass. If your wedding is on the casual side, choose tumblers. For an elegant affair, choose water goblets.

Champagne Flutes

Flute glasses are slim and have small mouths to help preserve carbonation. Tall and elegant, everyone will want a champagne flute to toast your marriage. Even kids will want a flute full of sparkling cider to join in.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses have a deep bowl and large open mouth which allows the wine to oxidize faster.

Red wine glasses

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses have a smaller mouth and bowl than red wine glasses. This keeps the wine from oxidizing too quickly.

Cocktail Glasses

Large mouthed and cone shaped, cocktail glasses are used to serve cocktails without ice. The large mouth of these glasses allows drinkers to fully taste and smell these delicious drinks.

Lowball Glasses

Lowball glasses are short, wide glasses intended for strong liquor, like whiskey and bourbon.

Highball Glasses

Cocktails and other mixed drinks are served in highball glasses a type of tall, straight glass tumbler. With plenty of room for non-alcoholic mixers, ice, and garnishes, these glasses are a must-have for any wedding reception. Highball glasses are also great for non-alcoholic drinks like lemonade and iced tea.

cocktails glass

Beer Glasses

At a casual wedding reception, guests might prefer to drink beer straight from the bottle. At an elegant reception, you may want to serve beer in beer glasses. Depending on the type of beer you choose to serve, you can choose beer glasses ranging from wide-mouth pint glasses to thin Weizen glasses.

At MaxSold, you can also buy folding chairs and tables for both the reception and ceremony at a reasonable cost.

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