How to Display Your Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors aren’t only a gift for friends and family to thank them for attending your wedding. These items can also be a beautiful part of your wedding décor! Learn how to make a wedding favor table that wows your guests while incorporating the theme and atmosphere of your wedding.

Wedding Favor Display Ideas

A classic way to display your wedding favors is at the entrance of the reception hall. Place a card next to the display reading “Please Take One.”

Plate Stands

Three-tiered plate stands provide a convenient way to stack wedding favors and lay them out for all to see.

Baskets or Crates

Fill woven baskets or crates with a lining of cloth or doilies and rest the favors on top.

Wicker Baskets
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If you have small wedding favors, display them in crystal vases. Use matching vases to give a uniform look or use vases of different shapes and sizes for a quirky style.

Crystal Wide Mouth Vase
Vintage Green Glass Vase
Vintage Canadian Art Glass

Decorating the Wedding Favor Table

Keep it Classic

Choose a wedding white tablecloth as a base or use a tablecloth that matches your wedding colors.

Stack on the Table

If your wedding favors are in boxes, you can stack them. Replicate a wedding cake by arranging them in three circular layers, one on top of the other.


Adding a few vases of flowers brings a beautiful touch to every part of your wedding.

Match Your Wedding Theme

Create a wedding favor table that fits the theme of your wedding.

For a vintage wedding, use salvaged pieces of furniture. For instance, use a china cabinet or book shelf to display wedding favors. Accessories like teapots and doilies can emphasize the vintage theme.

Having a rustic wedding? Try using a wheelbarrow instead of a table. This set up is especially cute if your wedding favors include seeds packets or potted plants.

If your theme is travel, stack vintage suitcases on the table and display the wedding favors on top.

Alternatives to Wedding Favor Tables

Place Wedding Favors on the Guest Tables with Place Cards

Make sure your guests don’t forget or overlook your wedding favors by placing these items right at their seat. Putting the wedding favor with the place card also gives you an opportunity to write a personalized note to each person attending your wedding.

Make Wedding Favors Double as Centerpieces

Some wedding pieces are beautiful enough to be part of your table centerpiece. Think potted plants or candles.

Hand Out Wedding Favors

Add a personal touch to your ceremony by personally thanking each guest with your wedding favors. Go from table to table and personally hand each person their favor along with your partner.

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