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Thrift shopping online has been around since the 1990s as a way to find unique merchandise and vintage goods. It also acts as an excellent alternative to secondhand stores. Today, online auctions and virtual estate sales are often your best option for finding a large selection of items including craft and hobby supplies.

An auction can be even better than a yard sale for finding the supplies that feed your passion because of one powerful tool: the “search” function. This tool helps you pull up and browse through the exact supplies you prefer. When thrift shopping online, a good deal on ‘a like-new sewing machine’ is nearly impossible on major marketplaces like eBay and Facebook. But if you are an experienced thrifter you’ll know how to find great deals by  frequently browsing through online estate auctions.

Searching Online Auctions

While a virtual auction might be missing the fast-talking auctioneer, the items for sale are easier to sift through thanks to the search function. A search for a specific term like “jewelry making supplies,” “sewing machines,” or “watercolor brushes” generates results that include new products, vintage pieces, and handmade goods. The search engine helps you look nearby or miles away — it’s up to you.

Searching an auction online can lead you to vintage or handmade goods you wouldn’t find in a traditional brick-and-mortar thrift store. Online auctions offer convenience as well. Many times, you can place a bid and complete the purchase without ever leaving your home. The auction house usually notifies the winning bidders right away, with local pickup arranged at your convenience. 

Local Auctions for Hobbies

If you’re a hobbyist always on the hunt for supplies (also known as a “craft hoarder“), you might agree that searching for supplies is sometimes as much fun as using what you’ve gathered.

An auction is the most rewarding online platform for finding supplies because you never know what rare gems might turn up. You might find various antique beads and charms for the jewelry you make, a stunning mid-century teapot for your kitchen, a picture framing mat cutter system, or an expensive set of colored pencils still in the shrink-wrap. If your passion is something outdoorsy like fly-fishing or golf, you’ll find entire lots of sporting goods and items like guidebooks and tools that up your game.

Craft and hobby items often appear in a large assortment called a “lot.” This is especially true if the collection contains small items. A sewing lot, for example, might include spools of thread, ribbons, bias tape, buttons, patterns, pins, and maybe a vintage sewing box. When bidding online, you would offer a price for the entire lot rather than an individual item inside the lot.

Thrift Shopping Online for Collectibles

What if your hobby isn’t art, cooking, or crafts but collecting something beautiful, historic, and valuable? No problem! Online estate sales contain troves of collectible items waiting for their new owners. If you have a passion for anything specific — Longaberger baskets, Star Wars figures, electric guitars, vintage hand tools, sports memorabilia, Royal Doulton figurines, coins, mint sets, old garden equipment, or jewelry from the 1940s — an auction online is probably your answer.

Bidding online for auction items offers you some assurances you wouldn’t have at a local flea market or yard sale. In most cases, the sales staff inspects the vintage finds in an online auction and photographs them for the auction’s website. As a buyer, you can review the photos for authentic marks, such as the seals and stamps that ensure the value of your piece, and assess the collectible’s overall condition. In some instances, the seller may insure your purchases when thrift shopping online.

Local Online Auctions for Home Decor

You’re not alone if your hobby is making your house beautiful and functional. Countless people love to hunt for furniture, kitchen items, antiques, appliances, art, and Christmas decor at thrift stores, but they also pick up a lot of dust during the tiring search. Instead, you can save your energy and your Saturday afternoon by bidding on favorite picks at online auctions.

Online estate auctions offer you an ever-evolving inventory of home decor and household items to choose from. Maybe you’ve been hunting for a specific piece of Corning ware to complete the set you inherited from Aunt Rose? How about a trio of antique musical instruments to hang on your library wall, or a lot of vintage office supplies? Eclectic and hard-to-find things that need a new home await your bid every day.

Antique Toys and Coins for Local Pickup

Having a hobby you love is a gift, and you probably have a lot in common with those who share your enthusiasm. Local online auctions are one way to connect with these kindred spirits and maybe even make some new friends.

What could be more fun than picking up a vintage doll or coin collection locally and having a conversation with someone who understands your passion?

To find upcoming local online auctions, search here at Maxsold.com by entering your zip code and search phrases. Try a few different terms to ensure good results. For example, you might type in “knitting,” but also try “crochet” to make sure you aren’t missing out on a lot that’s relevant to you.

Good luck in your bidding!

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