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Whether you’re looking for a 19th-century spinning wheel, vintage Levi’s, antique teddy bears, Fenton vases or Victorian furniture, chances are you’ll find what you want in one of Philadelphia’s eclectic thrift shops and online markets. When it comes to thrift stores, Philadelphia is home to a secondhand selling community that’s overflowing with goodies, some brand new, some vintage and some made centuries ago.

Not ranked in any particular order, here are ten of the best thrift stores in Philadelphia:

Bargain Thrift Center

(5261 Germantown Ave)

Since 1985, Bargain Thrift Center has been a favorite destination for thrift shoppers, collectors and students. You’ll find everything from nearly new clothing and unused kitchenware to vintage furniture, books, toys and jewelry. Bargain Thrift Center also advertises special dollar days, so be sure to check their website for sales.

Philly AIDS Thrift

(719 S. 5th St)

Philly AIDS Thrift is bursting at the seams with furniture, clothing, kitchenware and other necessary items, as well as treasures dear to collectors’ hearts, including fine china, artwork, antiques and all kinds of tchotchkes. You’ll see unique items you’ve never seen before, plus so many affordable essentials, you’ll start stuffing your shopping cart right away. And you’ll be shopping for a good cause, because all proceeds go toward the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Now list of the best thrift stores in Philadelphia would be complete without including MaxSold, an online community that combines the thrill of an auction with the excitement of a thrift shop treasure hunt. MaxSold has it all, from antiques to everyday essentials, and each item has a no-reserve starting bid of just $1, so this leaves the playing field wide open for everyone to join in the bidding. Plus, everything listed is local and within driving distance, so you won’t have to worry about delivery charges. If you win, you simply arrange to pick up the item at your own convenience. And since all kinds of folks sell on MaxSold, from people clearing out their attics to bona fide antique dealers, you never know what kind of amazing items will be listed each day.

Newlife Thrift

(67 W Cheltenham Ave)

At Newlife Thrift, you can find everything from accordions and heirloom china to vintage furniture and practically new clothing. This eclecticism makes Newlife Thrift especially popular with locals, as well as students on a budget. Best of all, 100 percent of the profits go to a mission outreach that helps poor and homeless people.

Facebook Marketplace

Philadelphia has a thriving online marketplace on Facebook, where you’ll find clothing, furniture and essentials, as well as vintage collectibles and cherished antiques. Shopping on Facebook is easy — it operates just like an e-retail store — and you can either arrange for pickup, or pay a delivery charge and have your new treasure sent straight to your door. 

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

(2318 Washington Ave)

While many of Philadelphia’s thrift shops are popular for their clothing bargains, Habitat for Humanity ReStore is especially prized as a fantastic resource for all types of furniture and accessories. You’ll find everything from sofas and desks to vanities, vintage wardrobes and lamps, all at amazingly affordable prices. And as its website reminds us, each purchase goes toward providing decent, affordable homes for everyone in the community.

Retrospect Vintage

(508 South Street)

Whether it’s fifties finery or seventies funk, you’ll find it at Retrospect Vintage. It’s a haven for folks looking for bell-bottoms and platform shoes, but you’ll also find 1970s leather swivel chairs, trendy framed posters, 1960s preppy sweaters and — well, you get the idea.

Second Avenue Thrift

163 Franklin Mills Blvd

Second Avenue Thrift is a secondhand superstore that features top fashion brand clothing for all ages, so you can buy a complete (and affordable) wardrobe that looks department-store-new for every member of your family. In addition, you’ll find an array of toys, electronics, furniture and household items

The Wardrobe

(413 North 4th Street)

The Wardrobe is a resale shop that caters to folks who want stylish looks at bargain-basement prices. In addition to quality clothing, it also provides career wardrobe and job counseling services for the community.


(4521 Baltimore Ave)

Jinxed calls itself a variety store, and it certainly lives up to its name. In any of its locations throughout the Philly area, you’ll find antique and vintage furniture, books, accessories and lots of framed paintings and photographs.  

Thrift Stores vs. Online Sellers

Are online secondhand selling platforms better than thrift stores? Both provide an exciting way to find bargains and even valuable collectibles. However, when it comes to discovering a wealth of treasures to choose from, nothing beats an online platform. Whether you’re surfing through listings on MaxSold, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy or Shopgoodwill, you’re going to uncover an overwhelming array of amazing finds online.

Of course, another great advantage to online thrifting is that you can do it from the comfort of home. There’s no driving or using gas, no wasting time in traffic or looking for parking lots, and no battling crowds or inclement weather.

Whether you’re shopping in a Philadelphia suburb or from your living room sofa, all thrifting venues have one thing in common: They’re the ultimate in green shopping. By buying secondhand, you’re helping to recycle items that would otherwise end up in the nation’s vast landfills. And your shopping is “green” in more ways than one because you’re also saving substantial dollars by purchasing used items instead of new.

For anyone who loves thrift stores, Philadelphia is a destination city, whether you prefer visiting in-person stores or perusing online selling platforms. If you’re planning a trip to Philadelphia, be sure to visit one of the places we’ve listed, where you’re sure to discover a prize that you can’t live without. And if you love bargain hunting, you’ll want to visit MaxSold and find out how you can start participating in one of the country’s most exciting online thrifting adventures.

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