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There comes a time when we need a little more ease of living. Putting away the lawnmowers and retiring the trouble of house maintenance can be a relief. So when it’s time to enjoy a relaxed life, downsizing can be a great help. Before senior moving starts, clear out all the extraneous junk. Say goodbye to bygone items that will never be used again. Say hello to a clearer space.

How to Downsize Before a Senior Moving Company Comes In

When using a senior moving company, you pay by time and labor. Clearing out clutter and paying for some of those expenses at the same time is appealing. But, you have so much on your hands. Boxing, labeling, sorting out the details of life on the other side of the move. 

Don’t even think you’ll have time for a garage sale. And forget about the 200 trips to the second-hand store. 

Instead of adding a headache, get some much-needed relief. No matter what the items (exceptions for firearms, clothing, and food), MaxSold has a 98% sell-through rate. That’s right. You don’t even have to worry about what to do with leftover laundry detergent it doesn’t make sense to move it with you. 

We will come to your home once to survey items and take photos. That’s it. We do the rest. We post your auction items, handle the bidding, process the transactions, and schedule pickups for a single time slot of about three hours. You choose the day. And best yet, you don’t have to say goodbye in person. Our MaxSold professionals can be onsite to assist with pickups so that you can get on with your next chapter. 

What do you have to do? Pick up a phone and then pick up a check. Get something back for the things you want to leave in the past. 

Tips for Senior Moves

Moving on from a long-time home can be difficult, even if it’s a welcome change. Always remember that patience with yourself and others is essential. There’s no competition for being distraught, so lean on one another. 

Dedicated Timeline

You know the move is coming. Don’t procrastinate. The further ahead you plan, the less anxiety and more room for adjustment. As part of that planning, include positive, exciting activities. Get a floor plan of the new home. Find out about the area, history, amenities, activities, and attributes of the new home. Focus on creating a new, more in-tune community. The fear of isolation and loss is very real. Be encouraging. Change is scary, but there are so many benefits. 

Plan Your Space and Your Move

Once you know the new home’s location, get a floor plan. Evaluate what you can take comfortably and what simply will not fit. (You can finally say goodbye to that clunky unused pool table.) You will need to take stock of this when hiring movers. If you have an idea ahead of time considering the amount of space you have, it may be easier to let go of the bigger items. 

Be sure to book movers ahead. It’s easier on your budget and helps reduce the stress as the big moving date comes. If you are moving without a professional mover, be sure to start packing well in advance. Have everything you need for the move ahead of time. That includes cardboard boxes, packing tape, newspapers or packing paper, markers for labeling, a dolly, rope, blankets, and gloves.

Support Networks

Having a healthy support network in place before, during, and after a big life change like a move is incredibly important. Draw on family and friends. You can even make a schedule, planning when people are there. Think of it more like teamwork than obligation. This is what people do for one another! 

No one wants to sort through memories and pack things away alone. Support through a move is not a matter of physical need alone. Having someone there to share stories, lift you up, and keeping you going is tremendously important.

Emotional Time Management

Be sure to take breaks, particularly if someone seems troubled. Pad your packing and moving time to allow for this. Set a schedule with lots of buffer room that limits the amount of time spent in a single day dedicated to the move. This will help emotional regulation. To create some balance, find rewards for each day or well-done difficult tasks. For example, if today is the day for clearing out the kids’ rooms, have a family dinner planned for the night. Try and balance feelings of loss with celebrations. 

Start with the Least Used or Least Sentimental Rooms

It gets easier to sort through and pack things as you move through the rooms. Start with the least sentimental or least used rooms. Leave the places with the most comfort or memories for last. You may want to start with linen closets, garages, that little-used game room, or the laundry. As you learn to let go of the little things, the bigger things become more manageable.

Reducing Belongings Strategically

Piling things up in a big heap and moving things about can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Try something easier, like identifying marks–color-coded stickers, labels, colored markers, etc. 

Do your sorting of what to keep or get rid of ahead of time. You’ll want to start the process at least a month before you move. 

Consider a downsizing service. A downsizing service, like MaxSold, can make your move easier. We have a full-service option, which means you have space to take care of what matters. Our teams are seasoned, compassionate and experts in downsizing. We are unintrusive, coming on one day to photograph items for our online catalog and one for the move day. You don’t even have to be home throughout the process. So, you are free to focus on other things. With our 98.9% sell through rate, there aren’t even any leftover trips to donation destinations. We sell everything from cleaning supplies to riding lawnmowers–even cars. All we don’t sell are clothing, firearms, and food. Two weeks after we post your auction, all the work you have to do is accept payment. 

If you want to manage the auction yourself, we have an easy app that allows you to photograph your belongings yourself. All it requires is a consultation.

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