Stress-Free Downsizing Tips For Seniors

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Stress-Free Downsizing Tips For Seniors

Senior stress can be harder to bounce back from, and studies show that it can put pressure on the heart and lungs. Moving home can be stressful for many people, but careful planning can help reduce the amount of pressure it has on seniors. When the nest is empty, it may be the perfect time to start thinking about selling your contents and property to buy something more suitable for your needs. Have a look at some tips to do senior downsizing without becoming stressed.

3 Tips For Stress-Free Senior Downsizing

Pack Intelligently

The number of Americans clearing out their homes to downsize is increasing, with 46% of baby boomers recorded doing so in 2017. Many senior downsizing happen between the ages of 45 and 64. Packing can be the most difficult part of downsizing, so enlist family and friends to help, reducing your stress levels. Clear out the things that are broken, damaged or that you don’t think will sell first.  Family members may like some of the things that you want to get rid of, so be generous with your possessions, while keeping the sentimental items.

Sell Contents In Bulk

Pre-MaxSold auction

Selling contents at auction individually can increase stress, as it costs more money and can take more time. Seniors are more at risk of high blood pressure and even cardiac arrest, and therefore many find downsizing a daunting and stressful prospect. Selling home contents in lots can be easier and less stressful than selling individually. Many home owners are looking for great statement furniture pieces, and often stock up on these at auctions. You can sell items in categories such as living room furnishings, dining room sets, and bedroom furniture sets. As relocation has been shown to be stressful in older adults, getting assistance to sell your items will help to make senior downsizing simpler. Ask family members to list the items for you to make the process quicker.

Get Assistance From Technology

There is no way I could have done it without them (MaxSold) checking people in with the exact time slots.
It was like magical, all this stuff was just leaving my house. It was great!

Maya, 55

Online auctions are great for selling furniture for downsizing. The number of older adults using social media has increased over recent years. Therefore, many will be able to use it to sell contents for downsizing. There are also various apps to download on your smartphone or tablet to help with selling your contents. Technology, in this case, a leading online auction platform can help you to organize a hassle-free senior downsizing. You can either hire a team to take photos of your items,  build a catalogue, run an online auction, ensure a safe transaction with the winning bidder and manage the pick-up all-in-one; or do it yourself by using a mobile app provided and supported  by experts. 

Downsizing across generations


In conclusion, don’t move anything that doesn’t have a designated space in your new home, as this will create clutter. The trick to stress-free downsizing is to ask for help wherever you can, and try to plan in advance.

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