Don’t Make a Mistake Planning Your Yard Sale

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Closets and garages are full, but your car is in the driveway and your coats are hung on the backs of chairs. Everyone needs to downsize and clear out some space from time to time. Often, yard sales make a lot of sense. However, they quite go as expected. You sell off once-loved toys your kids have outgrown and that perfectly good set of dishes you’ve replaced for 25 cents each. You spend all morning hauling things outside, only to bring half of them back inside. Strange people show up to your house and it’s hard to supervise all your items at all times. Don’t make a mistake planning your yard sale. Have a yard sale that works better—a digital yard sale. It’s simple to get better value with less work. Do you have a smart phone? 

Planning Online Yard Sales

The easy alternative to getting your stuff a new home without the hassle is to plan a yard sale online. If you have a smart phone, you can choose a seller-managed sale which uses the MaxSold app for iOS or Android to post online. It will take you a lot less time and pain than dragging things outside. It’s very simple. First, you have a call with our MaxSold representatives. Then, arrange a time for auction and pickups. After making some simple arrangements, it’s go-time. You take a picture of each item, add a title and description. Sell to thousands of local bidders

How Do I Get the Best Price for My Used Things?

The best yard sale tips for sellers is not to price things. That sets the already low bar lower for haggling by bargain seekers. You want to get real value from a variety of people without the last-minute rushes or chance wanderers.

We have a large pool of bidders. As an online auction site, you get a better price than waiting for someone to answer a private add. Unlike other online auctions, like eBay, we make sure the bidding is local to you. The bidding is open and transparent, so buyers know that the price is fairly being established. There is also no shipping since we pull from locals who will pick up the items on a prearranged window of time. Everyone wins!

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Will My Things Really Sell Online?

You’ve probably posted to an online site, like Craigslist or eBay before—or known someone who has. And there are more and more apps that sell your things online. The results may have been disappointing. With MaxSold, we have a 98.9% sell through rate. Even household items leftover from that overly ambitious Costco trip sell. Rather than searching through sites or look for sale signs, our buyers know where to go for local finds. 

We’ve sold the tiniest household items to industrial tractors. Have that piece of art that you love, but the rest of the family has forced into a dark corner? Someone else will love it, too.

How Long Does Selling Online Take?

All our auctions run for two weeks. Once the auctions is closed, the winner pays for the items through MaxSold. You pick a window of time, usually about 3-4 hours on one day. Bidders are given a time slot to pick things up. When they show up, you get a proof of payment, their invoice, and they are responsible for any hauling necessary. 

A Lot of Stuff to Sell?

Visit MaxSold online if you have a large amount of stuff you need to clear out. Downsizing or moving and don’t want to load everything into trucks? Our expert appraisers can come and catalog, photograph and post everything for you. We’ll even show up on pickup day to guide the process. You don’t even have to be there. Three visits and two weeks to lighten even the largest load.

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