Top 3 Things To Sell From Home To Make Money

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Leveraging MaxSold Online Auctions to buy and sell things from home

We’ve shown you our 5 tips for bidding on online auction sites. Now we want to help you find the best things to sell from home to make a little extra money. A lot of people have trouble decluttering; getting rid of the unwanted “garbage” (for lack of a better term) that they have taking up space in their homes. Well as the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and today we’re going to help you find, bid and win on one man’s trash and turn it into your treasure with our 3 tips for finding things to sell from home.

At MaxSold we run over 400 new local online auctions each month, providing our loyal bidders with thousands of dollars worth of items to bid on and win. A lot of our bidders are looking for household items that they can take into their home and find a place for, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that MaxSold is a great resource for finding things to sell from home to make a little extra income. Buying and flipping items for profit is a lucrative business and if done correctly can provide a very stable source of side cash for you and your family.

Whether it’s to make ends meet or to follow your passion, or even both, we have come up with 5 simple things you can find in our auctions that can help you pull in that extra $500 to $1000, to even $5000 a month if done right. We make it easy to find auctions near you, we have the inventory you need to really find good deals on high-end items, we have the system in place for you to make the right bid decisions and a few key features to help you make sure you win what you want at fair prices.

There are thousands of ways you can take items found at estate sales and flip them online, we aren’t going to get into the second phase of the flip, which is finding the mechanism to resell our items. What we are going to do is point out 5 things to sell from home that you can find on MaxSold and that will make you money while you sit on your couch.

The 5 most profitable item categories found on MaxSold


Because a lot of our auctions consist of household items from family and relatives that have either passed on, or downsizing into a smaller home, there are plenty of really nice jewelry pieces that go unwanted. These items consist of antique Rolex watches, vintage gold and silver, earrings, necklaces and so much more. Every week we had new auctions loaded with some really nice hidden gems that can be flipped for profit very easily.


A lot of the time when someone inherits an estate they don’t really realize how much something is worth. It’s not their fault and 9 out of 10 times they don’t really care, they just need it gone so they can do what they will with the house. This is a huge advantage for buyers on MaxSold, because there are a lot of really nice antique items that can be found at really reasonable prices compared to most consignment or antique shops. Antiques are one of the best things to sell from home because they can be moved pretty fast after purchasing given the amount of antique dealers and communities online.

Books, Records & Other Collectibles

Marketplaces like Amazon make it easy for you to sell books and records online, but there are still some very busy bricks and mortar retailers who will pay top dollar for books and records as well. Classic LPs are coming back in a big way and finding rare and high-quality copies are hard to come by. Finding collectibles on MaxSold is easy too! Whether it’s someone’s childhood baseball card collection or a rare toy train set, our auctions are jam packed with items people collect, store and value.

If you’ve ever thought “hey, I wonder what estate sales near me have up for grabs”, or are thinking that now, head over to our Quick Worth Finder tool to search through items that have been sold on our site to see what things went for and get an understanding of the items we have on our site that you can flip for profit.

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