Top Ten Places to Buy Antiques and Estate Auction Items in Boston

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In-Person vs. Online Estate Sales: What's the Deal?

Like all parts of life, the estate sales business has been dramatically transformed by technology and social media. In the long history of New England there is a rich and dynamic tradition of real, physical auctions and auctioneers. But it was only recently that online estate sales were permitted in Massachusetts (MA). Before that, estate sales were conducted informally (usually in the yard of the deceased). Typically, members of the local community would come out to purchase auction items.

MaxSold works in the same way. However, we use the internet to allow the widest possible audience of buyers for estate auction items online and Massachusetts. These buyers (who also come from the local community) access your auction catalogue from the comfort of their own home. Therefore, it removes one of the greatest impediments for people who would otherwise buy goods at auction. is one of the top ways to buy and sell goods online.

For some people though, the thrill-of-the-find has to be physical. If you’re lucky you’ll see some of the most amazing items that Massachusetts has to offer, including Hadley chests and Dedham’s pottery. Luckily, for those collectors seeking specific items, we partner with resellers and antiques dealers across the state.  

I have purchased numerous items through MaxSold. I have literally saved hundred of dollars on items that would have cost so much more had I bought them retail. MaxSold has made furnishing my home a really easy and an exciting experience."

Jess K.

Top Ten Spots for Antiques and Estate Auction Items

Autrefois Antiques

Located in Brookline this antique shop has been around for more than 50 years. Specializing in goods for interior designers, collectors and individuals, if you’re looking for quality items this is a great place to check out!

Brimfield Antiques

Antique dealers and collectors from across the United States travel to attend the famous Brimfield Antique Flea Market. It is one of the oldest outdoor antique events running for over fifty years, these markets are held three times per year for a six-day period.

Brodney Antiques and Finery

Located in Boston’s Back Bay area, Brodney has been in operation for more than 70 years and has been running as a family business for three generations. Early on, Brodney set itself apart by offering carefully curated antique items for select clientele, and that customer-oriented offering continues to this day. With exceptional jewellery and extraordinary clocks, Brodney is not to be missed!  Check out their website to see sumptuous images of antique items for sale.

Cambridge Ann Antiques

By far the favourite antiques store in Boston, is the Cambridge Antique Market. This five-storey building in Boston is home to more than 150 vendors and is loaded with furniture, fixtures, art, clothing and household goods of all types.

Open Tuesday – Saturday

Cape Ann Antiques

Located in Gloucester, Walt Kolenda is the owner operator of Cape Ann Antiques. If you ever want to have a casual conversation in which you learn lots about antiques and what makes antiques dealers excited, visit this store! Kolenda is one of our MaxSold Partners, meaning he regularly uses our site for estate sales in MA to auction off contents from his clients and his antique store. We have gotten to know him really well over the years and he is fabulously knowledgeable on all things old and antique! Cape Ann also offers appraising services for insurance, tax purposes or estate probate.   

Consign Estate Sales

Another Massachusetts-wide estate sales company specializing in everything from mid-century modern to Dutch masterworks. Consign specializes in residential, small business and non-profit auctions, and hosts about three or four online estate sales per month. They have great looking items!

Find an Online Estate Sale Near You!
Search for Antiques and Vintage items for your home! hosts auctions from all over the US, sometimes including MaxSold auctions. It is a great place to find items because it aggregates estate auction items online from other platforms, but the site can be difficult to navigate. Each estate sale auction may have its own rules that you have to pay attention to, unlike MaxSold which has one set of rules and lots of auction items available. does not have a Seller side to their business but refers clients out to third-party users.

Grafton Flea Market

Located in Grafton, MA, this indoor/outdoor flea market has been in operation for more than 40 years. With hundreds of dealers selling everything from household goods and antiques, to clothing and CDs it’s a veritable treasure trove of whimsy.

Every Sunday, from April to December.

SOWA Vintage Market

This market is Boston’s premium spot for vintage, upcycled goods. Specializing in fashion, jewellery, art and home furnishings for the millennial generation This would be a great spot to pick up that coveted mid-century modern sideboard or unique 70s corning ware.

Open Sunday’s year-round.

Yankee Flea Market

Palmer Massachusetts offers more than 165 vendors in a 15,000 square-foot indoor market. With everything from old to new, collectibles and memorabilia to home décor, the Yankee Flea Market is a fun adventure.

Open six days per week Tuesday thru Sunday.

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