How To Boost Your Profit With MaxSold in 5 Easy Steps

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How to boost your profit with Maxsold in 5 easy steps:

Now that you have learned how to create a new revenue stream for your company by downsizing, decluttering, or liquidating an estate with MaxSold; in an efficient, fun, and profitable manner, it’s time to drive even more profit to your business.  

Setting up a catalog might be laborious, but doing it right makes an immense difference in the outcome of your auction. Focusing your efforts on a good catalog attracts more buyers, creates higher bids per lot, and has a better sell-through rate, bringing more profit to your pockets. 

Here are five tips and tricks you can do to improve your catalog to drive interest in your auction:  

1) Use lighting to improve photos.
Probably the single most important part of photography is lighting. If a room is too dark for photos, open curtains, turn on lights, or move lamps around to provide more and better light. Don’t forget to use the flash on your phone or any other available lightning accessory. 

2) Display the whole lot. 

Take clear shots of how many items are in a lot and have a nice clear picture of the brand or maker’s marks. Photograph any wear and tear, and any other detail that would also clearly let the buyer know what they are bidding on. 

3) The importance of descriptions. 

When cataloging, it’s important to remember that the description is often as important, if not more important, as the photos. The description will tell the buyers everything they can’t see in the photos! Indicate any maker’s marks, brand names, model numbers, and measurements in a WxDxH format. Try to describe anything that isn’t communicated by the pictures. 

4) Leave no item unturned. 

Make sure you investigate and document the bottom of all your small items, as you never know what could be a hidden treasure. Even if it doesn’t end up being anything special, it’s worth taking a look just in case. The mark might not mean much to you, but to the right collector, it could mean a lot! (And fun fact, even if there is no mark it’s important to take a pic, as it could mean Old Paris, as 70% of the pieces are unmarked!)

5) Include High-End Items.

Our research shows that auctions which include popular and high-end items fetch higher auctions values overall. These crucial items increase interest in the auction. Bidders who might be drawn to one particular mid-century modern piece of furniture or vehicle, often explore the whole auction bidding on multiple items. 

BONUS! Consider Pickup Day!

Auctions with weekend pickup days generally drive greater interest from bidders and more competitive bidding–because people are more available to pick up items on those days. Whenever possible, try to coordinate a pickup day on the weekend, but not on a holiday weekend or special occasion like Mother’s Day (when people are otherwise quite busy). 

Make sure to apply these tips and tricks to every catalog you work on to boost your auction and generate more profit for your clients and business.

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