What is a Tag Sale? Is it different than a yard sale or Craigslist?

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Pre-MaxSold auction

What is a tag sale? Is it different than a yard sale or craigslist?

The main differences are expertise and professional help. A tag sale is an upgrade from a traditional yard sale or unmediated online sale of used items. Whether someone is moving, downsizing, liquidating an estate, or simply removing some of their clutter they need to sell some possessions. Unlike a garage sale, tag sales are usually managed by professionals, like MaxSold. Our local team comes on site to do the cataloging, measuring, describing, and photographing of items. Once the auction is online, our thousands of local bidders then bid on those items, dramatically increasing their price.

At MaxSold, we provide easy online sales that allow for maximum profit, speed, and privacy without the hassles of self-managed sales. We guarantee a two-week window and our sell-through rate is 98.9%–which means your things will find a home. There is no stress. We are here to help you clear out what you no longer need. 

What's an Estate Sale vs. Auction?

An estate sale is the sale of items belonging to the recently deceased. It is a difficult time for families to deal with the complicated logistics, which is a main reason a tag sale is easier during bereavement. Memories are hard to let go of, but we sadly cannot keep a lifetime of things most of the time. You can certainly have an auction as part of an estate sale. However, an estate sale can be either tagging appraised items or opening them to bid. Usually, estate sales offer more than traditional auctions given their nature.  

People ask what is an estate sale in real estate. When a loved one passes, their heir may inherit their estate (or property). That property may need to be cleared of belongings–for example, to sell the home or property. Sometimes, an executor arranges the estate sale instead of an heir. 

Max Sold offers an easy way to have an online estate sale auction or tag sale.

How Does an Online Tag Sale Work?

Tag sales may vary depending on who you hire. At MaxSold, we believe that everything is of value to someone. So, there aren’t the same high-minimum values or sorting out of only the most precious possessions. Household goods to that big boat in your yard, the very weird to the very valuable–it’s all got somewhere to go. 

Here is what will happen once you contact MaxSold

  1. You have a quick phone call with one of our team members to ensure that MaxSold is the correct fit for your needs.
  2. After the contract is signed, one of our operations team members will be in touch to discuss which dates you would like to hold the sale on.
  3. Our team of local experts will come to your home to photograph and catalog everything. We post your catalog to our localized online auction house. The auction will stay open for two weeks.
  4. After all items have been sold and transactions have been fully processed, our professional staff will come one last time. You don’t even have to be home. We will have everything picked up by local bidders within 5- 10 hours.
Moving With Lots Of Things To Sell?
MaxSold Helps You Sell Everything Easily And Profitably From An Estate, Downsizing or Relocation

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